Burke-Agro develops value chains, and sources, processes and exports the highest quality all-natural organic tropical products through our progressive socially and ecologically responsible business practices. Our products are oriented to the natural food industry.

A commitment to providing for the socioeconomic advancement of single mothers, small producers and their respective producing areas via technical assitance and long-term contracts is a top priority.

We love our dried fruit, nuts, honey and coffee and promote the social and health benefits that high quality sustainable organic products offer. It's the core of what we do.

Sol Simple is the commercial face of Burke Agro's retail and bulk products. It's how we spread the good word about renewable energy, sustainable organic production and fair trade.
  • What we do:
  • Why we're better
  • Why we do it
  • Why Nicaragua:
- Process products for the natural and organic insudstry using renewable energy (we've integrated the largest hybrid solar collector array in Central America)

- Offer a large catalog of wholesale products for the world market

- Train and employ single mothers thus directly providing for socioeconomic advancement

- Identify and organize small producers and educate them in sustainable organic farming methods

- Fund organic certification of small producers

- Develop value chains to facilitate farmers' access to more lucrative markets by increasing yield, quality and level of competition

- Advocate carbon footprint accounting for our producers

- Partner with community groups, local and national government, international development agencies, and institutions

- Consult on outside projects concerning organic certification, agro-industry, renewable energy integration, value-added production and value chains in 3rd world countries
-All-natural products that are great for the environment and for you

- Products that are of the highest quality-hand-picked at their ideal stage of ripeness

- Processing under stringent good manufacturing practices (GAP/BPM)

- Organic, kosher and fair-trade certifications

- The largest network of organic certified fruit in Nicaragua via our pioneering certification program

- The only organic certified fruit processing plant in Nicaragua

- A wide variety of common and rare tropical products

- Sharing a vision with our customers to develop new value chains, products and certifications for them
- To provide our customers with the highest quality, best tasting products, which offer social and environmental

- To develop new innovative products

- To empower families through providing access to food, education, and stability

- To reduce our carbon emissions, our consumption of fossil fuels, and stand as a model to agro-industry to inspire change by integrating renewable energy in our processing

- To improve producers' livelihoods through programs like carbon counting and sustainable organic farming

- Has the largest and most diverse arable land base in Central America

- Is the least densely populated and has the least amount of agrochemical inputs in Central America

- Is among the most food/product diverse in Latin America

- Is centrally located and has two coasts upon which sit two strategically located ports

- 45% of the population living on less than $1 /day

- Poverty rate is 2x Bolivia

- Poorest country in Latin America and the second in the Western Hemisphere

- Lowest crime rate in Central America

- The country is beautiful, the cultural rich, and the people warm and welcoming